postheadericon Are you political on Facebook?

Social networking site and networks are ripe for politicization, for motion publicity, advocacy team recognition, not-for-profit fund-raising campaigns and perhaps even e-government. Nonetheless, most users possibly see these devices as working for amusement, social hookups and sharing instead of politics. A research paper to be released in the Digital Federal government, An International Journal improves this idea. The outcomes recommend that the potential for political activism should overcome the innate user perception that on-line social networks are for enjoyment rather than utility, political or otherwise.

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  • alberto s:

    I’ve got a uni ethics assignment and also have to reply to the above mentioned question, but additionally consider sights from others. So here you go…

    ‘online towns (for example facebook, twitter) come with an very narrow focus lead to social polarisation. (i.e segregation).

  • Chris R:

    What it is great for a company, career, networking etc.

  • musicistabest:

    i wish to say something crazy like on my small religious sights iv had a superstar title, any suggestions

  • Jeracoo L:

    Let you know that social networks are addicted and just how it’s transformed society

    the side effects on using social networks

    comparision of two different social networks like (bebo, facebook, twitter, bebo)

    details about the way forward for these websites

  • Kaden:

    In case an employer discriminates against a certain belief or political view or something?

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