postheadericon Social media, self-confidence and self-destruction: Nations with many more corruption demonstrate more social networking sites, less suicide

In nations where corruption is swarming it seems that people nowadays locate a getaway from the day-to-day problems that trickle to their lives by making using of online social networks greater than those elsewhere. Study to be posted in the International Journal of Online Communities additionally proposes that these two factors — — even more corruption, additional social networking — likewise correlate with reduced self-destruction prices.

“Culture is straight associated with country-level social media use which may likewise be associated with country-level self-confidence, pace-of-life, joy and happiness, self-destruction rates, gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, average age and corruption,” Acar clarifies. “In nations where folks take social networking sites greatly there is low suicide, higher corruption, low GDP, high self-confidence and higher regard for practices. At the same time societies with low social media sites use prices often be older, much less emotionally expressive, much less happy, score short of openness and conscientiousness, have higher GDP and greater social resources.”

However, Acar is worrieded about the idea that of the almost two billion individuals now utilizing on-line social networks and social networking sites the possibility is that there are certainly social differences in adoption, usage and motivation in various parts of the globe. Acar has done an analytical evaluation of the large data source stood for by the comScore report “It’s a Social World.” The database was published at the end of 2011 and has a wealth of info on social media activity, area, age, sex, income and various other elements.

The information evaluation suggests that fundamentally there are indeed social distinctions around the world in social networking sites usage. “We located that there are reduced levels of self-destruction, additional joy and happiness and many more corruption in societies that utilize social media sites heavily,” Acar reports. He explains that these relationships do not suggest a hyperlink, merely that there are observed differences in habits. “We do not guess that social media increases joy and happiness, openness, nationwide self-confidence and corruption,” he states. “By the same token we do not claim that social media make use of reduces suicides.”

Nonetheless, one could theorize from the data analysis to posit a testable theory that the visibility of greater levels of corruption may cause lesser levels of life happiness and sensations of individual safety which social media sites usage acts an escape or an interruption from these.

The writer likewise explains that nation-level self-worth is a crucial element affecting social networking sites use. Israel has the greatest nation-level self-confidence and invests the most time on online social networking while Japan has the lowest nation-level self-worth and invests the least time on online social networking.

postheadericon Parents accidentally confuse children’s names more often when names sound alike

Jan. 13, 2014 — When choosing baby names, parents often want something that is pleasing to the ear. Some even turn to alliteration when naming multiple children. But according to a new psychology study from The University of Texas at Austin, parents set themselves up for speech errors when they give their children similar-sounding names.

The findings, published online in December in the peer-reviewed scientific journal PLOS One, show that what many people consider to be “Freudian slips,” may be a quirk in the brain’s information-retrieval process. The study was authored by Zenzi Griffin, professor of psychology at UT Austin, and Thomas Wangerman, formerly of Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.

“Because name substitutions are increased by factors like name similarity and physical similarity, they should not be seen as purely Freudian or reflecting preferences for one child over another,” Griffin says. “In other words, people shouldn’t read too much into the errors.”

The researchers conducted online surveys with 334 respondents with one or more siblings. As part of the study, the subjects were asked to rate similarities in appearance and personality with their siblings, as well as the frequency of their parent accidentally transposing their names.

According to the results, participants whose names shared initial (Jamie/Jason) or final (Amanda/Samantha) sounds with a sibling reported that their parents accidentally called them by the wrong name more often than those without such name overlap. This was especially prevalent among younger siblings who were close in age and of the same gender with their siblings. The majority of respondents who reported low rates of name substitutions were first-born siblings, which may be due to their names being used more often, the researchers note.

A subset (121 respondents) reported they were often called by names of other family members. And 20 respondents stated they were called by the name of the family pet. Griffin says this unexpected finding shows how social and situational factors play a role in how parents retrieve names when addressing their child directly.

For example, a mother stands in the kitchen and wants her child to come to dinner. The last time she stood in the kitchen and summoned someone to dinner it was Fluffy the dog. The similarity of the situation and repetition of the words, “come to dinner, Fluffy,” primes her to say the dog’s name again when calling out to the child.

“It is tempting to attribute such mistakes to the animals’ status as family members and child-substitutes,” Griffin says. “However, it seems unlikely that parents would make such errors so readily if they were labeling family members in photographs.”

Research on speech errors has shown that people commonly substitute words that belong to the same category, but sound nothing alike, such as labeling a couch as a sofa, or a lion as a tiger, Griffin says. And when a word overlaps in meaning and sound (pear/peach), the intended word is more likely to be unintentionally substituted for it’s similar-sounding counterpart.

“Although much work has considered how names affect self-identity, social categorization and social interactions, little is known about the consequences of personal name choice on speaking,” Griffin says. This study begins to fill the gap.”

postheadericon How Do I Get Him to Love Me Again? This Is A Way to Get Your Ex Back (Charles Bill)

Mar 11, 2014

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How do I get him to love me again? Is this a question you’ve been asking yourself since you and your boyfriend broke up? We don’t always understand the depth of our love for our guy until the relationship is over and he has left our life for good. Our natural inclination when we’re stuck in a situation like this is to let our emotions overwhelm us. It’s understandable that it happens. We end up doing things like calling him after a few too many cocktails to try and get him back, or sending him endless text messages that run the gamut from begging him to give us another chance to telling him what a big mistake he’s making. Although, at the time, these approaches seem logical, they’re not. There are proven methods to get your ex boyfriend back that also keep your self worth intact.

When I was first contemplating the question of how do I get him to love me again I thought jealousy was the route to take. In my mind’s eye I imagined a scenario where my ex would run into me and a new guy, he’d fly into a jealous rage and he’d openly declare his undying love for me on the spot. The problem with this method is that it won’t work. It will actually backfire on you and your ex may stop talking to you altogether. Men don’t want to see any woman they care about with someone else. If you hope to have a future with him, don’t even attempt to make him jealous at all.

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Becoming his platonic friend may seem like a step in the wrong direction, but it’s a great tool to get him to love you again. After a break up the man in the relationship just wants some room and time to himself. He doesn’t want to feel pressured into jumping back into any romantic relationship, especially the one he just got out of. If you want to keep the connection between you two open, suggest a platonic friendship. He’ll likely be open to it and you need to pace yourself within it. Contact him only rarely and then be very general with your discussions. No questions about who he is dating or if he’s interested in anyone. Just demonstrate to him that you’re a supportive and non-threatening friend. This will establish a new bond between you two. From there it’s just a few short steps back to being lovers.

postheadericon Tactics to Get Your Ex Back After a Painful Break Up (Charles Bill)

Feb 11, 2014

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After a break up you may suddenly realize that your ex is the person you are supposed to be with. This epiphany may leave you in a very difficult position. If your ex made it clear to you that the relationship was over, how can you possibly win back their love? You can do it if you have a full understanding of the best tactics to get your ex back.

One of the best tactics to get your ex back is going to sound a bit off the wall. In fact, many people never think of it because it seems as though it would never work. However, it does. This approach involves you agreeing with your ex to the split. You take their side and tell them that you believe that a break up is indeed in order and you’re prepared to move forward without them too. If they start blaming you for things that occurred in the relationship, agree with them. You may have to bit your tongue very hard to do this, but it’s a great step to get them back. The reason that this works so well is that people have a natural instinct to protect those they care about. If your ex believes you are being too hard on yourself, they’ll start to feel empathy for you. This opens up their heart to a whole host of emotions including renewed love and affection.

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Another of the tactics to get your ex back is related to agreeing with them. They may tell you that they believe you two need to see other people. Tell your ex that you were thinking the same thing. That statement alone will catch them off guard. They’ll begin to wonder if you’ve been interested in someone else. If they follow through and start dating someone else, you should do the same thing. Don’t make the mistake of hooking up with someone who wants something serious though and don’t worry too much about who your ex is dating. Once they know that you’ve moved on it will eat at them. Remember that whatever a person doesn’t have in life they want, so if your ex believes someone else has you, it will make them want you more.

postheadericon Are you political on Facebook?

Social networking site and networks are ripe for politicization, for motion publicity, advocacy team recognition, not-for-profit fund-raising campaigns and perhaps even e-government. Nonetheless, most users possibly see these devices as working for amusement, social hookups and sharing instead of politics. A research paper to be released in the Digital Federal government, An International Journal improves this idea. The outcomes recommend that the potential for political activism should overcome the innate user perception that on-line social networks are for enjoyment rather than utility, political or otherwise.

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postheadericon Accessibility to modern technology improves older grownups’ wellness

Jan. 14, 2014– Louis Medvene, Wichita State University instructor of psychology and director of the Social Relationships Research Workgroup, is exploring the possible benefits of computer system access to seniors’ health and wellness.

A 2012 study conducted by Medvene and his team of 3 graduate students questioned senior citizens getting residence and community-based solutions. The specialists asked participants about their relationship networks and revealed them a demonstration of computer software program made to make computer system use much easier for senior citizens.

The need to make use of a computer amongst individuals in the study was overwhelming, and with great reason: People which were making use of a computer consistently were much less lonesome and socially isolated than folks which did not utilize a computer.

Although 85 percent of individuals in the research suggested they intended to use a computer, simply 25 percent were consistently utilizing one. Forty-two percent of participants were socially isolated or in danger for social isolation, a known threat factor to bodily and mental health.

“I believe it has the potential to lower isolation and isolation,” stated Medvene. “You have poorer end results in regards to physical wellness and also mental health if you’re socially separated.”

Medvene really hopes that future study will certainly explore the degree at which computer system usage could lessen isolation and social isolation for at-risk individuals.

“Just what Dr. Medvene is dealing with now is to market using new modern technology among older grownups,” shared Rui Ni, assistant instructor of psychology. “Social network, the computer and the Net permit folks to communicate more and obtain information that they require, which they might not have access to if they do not understand the expertise.”

postheadericon Things to Say to Get Him Back – Ex Boyfriend Advice That Is Guaranteed! (Charles Bill)

Feb 12, 2014

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You feel like a bundle of nerves each and every time you’re around your ex boyfriend. It’s hard because even though the break up happened a while ago, you just can’t move on. You love him and thinking about a future without him as your soul mate is very painful. The biggest problem you face is not knowing what to do to get him to want you again. You’ve likely tried following the advice of friends and family but they don’t really understand the psychology of how break ups work. Fortunately, there is some solid advice that you can follow that will help you draw him back in. Knowing what things to say to get him back will ensure you never make the mistake of saying the wrong thing to the man you love.

One of the things to say to get him back always surprises women. To us the things we think we should be saying include telling him how much we love him and begging him to give us another chance. In our hearts these feel and seem like the right things to do. They’re not. What you should be saying to a man after he dumps you is that you were considering the same thing. It’s hard to form the words when you wish with everything that you two were still together. But if you want to appeal to him at a very basic level and make him yearn to be with you again, you have to, in essence, break up with him as well.

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By telling a man that you are okay with a break up, you’re leveling the playing field between the two of you. He no longer has complete and total control over the relationship. You’ve rejected him in much the same way as he’s rejected you and that will wear at him just as it’s wearing at you.

Another thing to say to get him back is to wish him well. This goes hand-in-hand with the idea of removing yourself from his life for a few weeks. If you’re always there, at the ready, waiting for him to take you back, he won’t. You’re not a challenge to him anymore and that loss of a challenge could be the very reason he ended the relationship in the first place. Disappear from his life for a few weeks but not before you tell him to take care in the sweetest voice possible. Be in control of your emotions and sound cheery when you make this call. You want him to feel as though you’re wishing him well because you’re taking off for good. The hint of a woman leaving forever is often enough to make a man reconsider where the relationship is at and what he really wants.

postheadericon Please Help Me Get My Ex Girlfriend Back – Ways to Win Back Her Love (Charles Bill)

Feb 11, 2014

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If you’re a man who has been saying this lately, you’ve got a challenge ahead of you. Wanting to be back with your ex and making it happen are two very different things. Although most men rely on their own emotions to guide them into trying to get their ex girlfriend back, this just doesn’t work. You need a proven plan if you hope to get her to fall back in love with you. With the right understanding and some patience, you can get the second chance with the woman you adore that you’ve always wanted.

If you’re a man who has been saying to others “please help me get my ex girlfriend back” it’s obvious that you’re feeling desperate. This is a natural reaction but it can also cause you to completely damage the relationship beyond repair. With desperate comes over the top emotions and this typically includes crying, begging and pleading. If you’ve been calling your ex up when you’re emotional, you’re making a mistake that may be hard to undo. As much as women want men to be more open and honest with what they’re feeling, they don’t want that to come through right after a break up. Your ex girlfriend doesn’t want to see you that way. She wants to be with someone who is mature and strong so you need to start acting like you are right now. Do everything in your power to hold yourself together whenever you talk to her.

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You should actually limit how much contact you have with your ex girlfriend if you want to get her back. Your natural instinct is going to be to push her to talk as much as you can, but going the opposite route will get you better results. Right now your girlfriend is probably feeling good about the split and is thinking that her life will be so much better without you. She can’t know that is the case until she actually experiences her life without you. That’s why it’s so effective if you can cut off all contact for a few weeks. That means no calls, or emails or even the odd text message just to see how she is. You have to stop contacting her completely. If you can do this it will allow her the opportunity to miss you which is what you want to have happen. She’ll truly feel your absence and that will be what makes her want you back forever.

postheadericon Co-Parenting: a Positive Way of Parenting Solutions (Maira Gomez)

Dec 23, 2013

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Co-parenting refers to how a married couple, including divorced parents, works together in parenting children. Positive parenting is commendable for any broken relationship after legal separation. The divorced parents have to face a tough time after the separation which may adversely effect on the child’s mental growth and development. Misunderstanding or disagreement occurring between the co parents may lead to develop multi problems within the child such as mal-adjustment, behavioral disorder, poor academic achievement, aggressiveness etc.

Both the co-parents should try to understand their child’s personalities and behavior, needs and challenges. They should well understand about the dramatic growth and development of the child from his/her early years to adult stage. It is important to co-operate with the child in every task, help him/her to solve the homework, should communicate regularly, provide sufficient emotional support particularly in early childhood period and help him to minimize the distress level as far as possible. The partners should avoid the situation where conflict may rise. Instead, they should try to negotiate and resolve their problems so that the child does not suffer from mental trauma, instability and worry. Following are a number of important ways of co-parenting:

* Visit to a guidance & counseling clinic: Individual difference is always there between two persons, and so the co parents. In order to resolve the family problems, father and mother can take help of a guidance personnel or a counselor.

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* Communication: More the co parents communicate, better their life will be. It is a key for maintaining a healthy environment.

* Avoid the criticism factor: Family problems or conflict situations arise when partners start to criticize each other. Thus it is suggested to avoid critics on one’s personality, interests and attitudes.

* Parenting classes: Parents can opt for parenting classes. Many organizations are facilitating classes on tips on Separation Agreement, online parenting classes with certificate, child guidance services in order to help the spouses to minimize the conflict situations.

The online mode is a useful mode for the divorced parents as it works as a positive stimulator and helps in the interaction process between the spouses and lends a hand to the couple being engaged in a variety of activities. It is because they can get the tips of co parenting while sitting at home or being at workplace. By attending these classes, one can enhance parenting and co-parenting skills. It is a child’s birth right to live a life of peace and this can only be possible if both the parents understand the importance of it.